Welcome To The Sangeetalaya

Fostering Educational And Artistic Excellence

Established in 1995,The Sangeetalaya was founded with the vision of Shaping and Organizing Systematic,Professional and Career oriented training in Music, Dance & Art. The Sangeetalaya is dedicated and Committed to nurture, promote and highlight the innumerable and vast talents that exist within our society but which do not get the opportunity or impetus to showcase and display in a public forum.

The Sangeetalaya revolutionized the music education with the first full time program to offer with unique and especially designed separate training to suit Kids,Adults,Professionals,Housewives and for hobby purposes.

A decade later there are thousands of satisfied and successful students in area to its credit.Today The Sangeetalaya is regarded as the most trusted,experienced & experts in Music,Dance & Art education.


"Music for Humanity"

"Music for Masses"

"The Music should not be restricted to limited people"

Teaching in Guru Shishya parampara.

To preserve,propagate & promote Music,Dance & Creative Art Education through teaching and training to the students especially the children & youth.

Special encouragement and financial aid to the upcoming talents and for economically underprivileged classes.


"We at "Sangeetalaya" is devoted to the cause of bringing out the Maestro in every wannabe Musician"


We offer Diploma & Degree (Sangeet Visharad,Sangeet Alankar,Prabhakar,Praveen,Bhaskar,Sangeetacharya etc equivalent to B.A.,M.A.,M.Phil and PHD)